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Counter Watch Display

An exploration of a versatile display for Samsung’s Gear smartwatches for Macy’s.

The pyramid shape of the fixture creates hierarchy and draws focus to the four Gear devices. Side pieces house space for live screens or printed graphics. A vinyl cling on the case glass serves as a brand beacon to attract customers.

The Gear holder can be moved to the top, allowing customers to see the watches up close, and for a more hands-on experience.

Layers 1 and 2 are made up of a frosted acrylic topped with a semi-gloss acrylic mat. The 3rd layer is a smooth clear acrylic topped with a matte acrylic. The smooth sides make it easier to grasp to move to the top of the case.

The 3rd Gear holder layer is flanked by printed graphics (bottom) and live, video-playing tablets (top), both recessed in the 1st layer.

The watches are powered through electrical contacts in the 3rd layer that disconnect when the layer is removed.

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