Fossil Retail Concept

The concept draws inspiration from Fossil as seen from their social media identity. This means using the diamond Fossil logo, elements of nature, symmetry, and interaction.

The main goals for the concept were to:

- Improve flow through the store
- Minimize checkout area
- Centralize customization area
- Emphasize smartwatches
- Create a recognizable, made-for-social media, area

The concept improves flow by means of angles that direct traffic to the rear of the store, past the smartwatches area and the Customization Bar. All of the angles are derived from the Fossil diamond logo.


The store has 3 focus areas:


- Smartwatches and hybrids
- The Customization Bar
- Back mural and Fossil tins wall

a) Back-to-back tablets are suspended in the middle of the table, showing the functions of the hybrid smartwatches displayed in front. The wall fixture showcases smartwatches, while the wall behind displays a gallery of screens, features, and functions using projection on floating tiles. Both fixtures contain box storage within.

b) The back mural is the focal point of the store. It is flanked by two shelves of tins, both secretly doors that open to reveal the stockroom. The mural invites shoppers to take selfies to post to social media, generating foot traffic from their followers. The mural would be designed by a local artist, strengthening ties with the community while embodying the Fossil spirit.

c) The Customization Bar invites shoppers to have a seat, and both observe and participate in the process of having their watch or leather good personalized just for them. The embosser and mill sit behind the counter, with a refrigerator for refreshments below. The Customization Bar also serves as a checkout counter, freeing up space in the back of the store.

d) The front table is modeled after the diamond logo. The table features a recess in the middle with an insert that can be loaded with featured watches. This allows the product to be switched out with ease. The rest of the tabletop is left clear, allowing graphics and videos to be projected on the surface from above. The top would be powder-coated steel.

e, f) The right and left walls in the back of the store feature an assortment of watches, small leather goods, large leather goods, jewelry, and accessories. The left side features men’s products, while the right features ladies’ products. The wall is backed with stainless steel slats, allowing it to be easily reconfigured with the marble-topped shelves. Cabinets are located below for storage.

g) The front left corner of the store contains a group of pedestals featuring an assortment of new watches, small leather goods, and large leather goods. The pedestals in front face the window, catching potential customers as they pass the store. The space above the pedestals can house large format graphics.

h) The storefront is a black powder-coated aluminum frame with windows. The header features the Fossil logo also built out of black powder-coated aluminum that is prominently displayed on a glass panel back-painted white. The front door is a “garage door” style that rolls up to the ceiling.