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Macy's Shop-in-Shop

Macy’s approached Samsung, hoping to develop a shop-in-shop for their New York City, Herald Square location. Samsung contacted Ignite, tasking us with designing something completely “blue sky”, testing the limits of what could be done in a  department store environment. We aimed to create an unexpected oasis for shoppers to escape the hustle and bustle of Macy’s, allowing them to discover new technology relevant to their lives.

Samsung is widely known for mobile, so we wanted to lead with a mobile experience and then build a connective tissue that gives the customer a true journey so they can understand how the Samsung ecosystem works together to enhance their own life.

Sketch by David Poole, the initial concept chosen to move forward.

The sketch was translated into 3D. We used geometric shapes, a cubic design, and heavy fractal style to create an abstract art aesthetic that is dynamic enough in color and shape to stop shoppers in their tracks.

We carried the exterior fractal design aesthetic into the interior design. The clean, sleek, sophisticated, sharp lines are on everything from the walls to the polished concrete floor.

Here you can see the design continuity carried throughout. Sharp, sleek, clean lines are featured on the mobile wall, mobile tables, and iconic mobile interactive table. We used that design aesthetic in the wall space by creating recessed, museum-style display cases that can feature the most iconic devices at the
consumer’s eye level.

The wow factor is the giant, free-flowing, shape-shifting, interactive live TV wall that can be customized and configured to suit any product promotion need.

Mobile and wearables are just the beginning of the Samsung journey. Along the way, consumers find centralized product stations in museum-type installations and experience stations that use a blue glow as a beacon to draw their attention.

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