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Coca Cola Play, using leisure to redefine the in-store beverage purchase experience

The project objective was to define opportunities and design new merchandising platforms for the brands of the Coca-Cola Company that compliment the experience model of the value department store.

Value department stores (logos above) place emphasis on the "treasure hunt", finding that perfect article of clothing at a great price.


Value department stores define their primary shopper as women, 25-55...


...and their secondary shoppers as the tag-along shopper, the husband, the kids.


With this in mind, I set out to design a platform fulfilling the following criteria:


1. To instill the spirit of the "treasure hunt"


2. To appeal to the primary and secondary shoppers


3. To define a space in the store to contain the experience

I studied the stores. I saw consistencies in mainly linear space, aisles for traveling through the store, and some space for impulse buys near the registers.

I identified the following needs for the primary shopper:




A place to rest


Energy to keep shopping


And the following for the secondary shopper:




A place to sit


With this in mind, I set to sketching.

Integrate-able seating was key. This allows the machine to adapt to multiple locations in the store.

I created deliberate interactions.

Highlight: Two Modes

The machine is in game mode when the seats are in place. The customer gets a set discount on their beverage purchase if they win. The game learns and gets more difficult as more people win. The customer is more likely to buy a drink once they've invested themselves into the experience.

Highlight: Brand Customization

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